CANADA’S First Alphabet, in QUILL

Quill to Quill is a uniquely Kinade/Canadian Environmental Literacy Initiative:

Quill to Quill braids 3 languages into ONE Language, OUR language of the Land, honouring First Nations Languages, aboriginal peoples, across our land including First Nations, French, Metis, Michif, Inuit, Nunavut languages and dialects. Braiding First Nations languages, eg Ojibwe, French and English, into songs and stories, with Nunavut represented by White Bear, soapstone and art stories, from Nunavut, Our Land, our materials are easily translated into other native languages, and/or other international languages.

Quillworks for Quillwords, and Environmental Literacy Approach:

Our prototype serves as a model, providing easily adaptable suggestions for braiding vocabulary concepts into other native languages spoken across Turtle Island and beyond!

Teacher's guidelines:

Share concepts and vocabulary for Turtle Island, in rhymes, chimes and an extensive list of aboriginal short stories, (available from braiding and marrying 3 languages.

A CD with simple songs, verses, rhymes and chimes, and spoken word, makes it easy to learn and pleasing to Teachers, Children, Parents, Adult learners, ESL and GRANDPARENTS! Sharing vocabulary and chorus in each language: English, French, and Ojibwe, the final or fourth verse, marries all three languages, in song, to belong, braiding 3 languages into one.

Quillworks for Quillwords: Quill to Quill Alphabet

Alphabetically organized for easy access to vocabulary: the Teacher’s guide honours our connection to the land, “across syllable boundaries”. The heart.

In the past 200 years, have we lost the “WHOLE” by losing our connection to the land and water? Did our linear model have anything to do with it? Was it text? Was it WHOLE WORD, or PHONICS? For generations, across indigenous teachings, the oral tradition honoured and maintained our connection to the land. How have we lost this? How did this happen? Perhaps our de-contextualized approach to teaching language and reading has been a price too dear to pay. Quill to Quill approach to literacy,honours THE LAND, respecting indigenous ancestors and their connection to the land. Quillworks shares implicit knowledge, wisdom and value to care, to share, to respect and protect our native land.

Quill to Quill natural images enhance our connection to the land, with respect and understanding of native peoples, indigenous way of balancing relationship with environment.

Quillworks photography features our Great OUTDOORS and OUR GREAT LAKES with rare and beautiful QUILLWORK dating back centuries. Rich cultural context learning and literacy with the land, making the ki kinnection, getting grounded, getting landed in literacy.

Quill rhymes and chimes stitch together languages by heart. Each verse braids and marries 3 languages English, French and Ojibwe (and/or ROOT Words from aboriginal languages), making the essential ki (land) kinnection.

Stories of Quill are dedicated to Native WOMEN who sewed, rowed and wrote their legacy of quill, “kwe-will”. Where there’s a Quill there’s a KWE, (Ojibwe for woman of the land).

Quill to Quill Song: honours KWE-Will, the will to quill in song and story of native women who rowed across Georgian Bay, from Christian Island, Chimnissing. Beausoleil, Sharing their legacy of Kwe-will, QUILL. Their legacy is honoured with heritage photography remembering the quillwork they left behind over centuries. A century to celebrate, features Quillwork from across Canada and Turtle Island. Where there’s a Quill there’s a Kwe... and a porcupine!

Quillworks as Quillwords Celebrating Centuries of Quill

Dedicated to Women of Quill, Kwe-Will, honouring the Grandmothers who sewed, rowed and wrote their legacy of quill. May we honour their past by renewing our kinship and kinnection to the land, appreciating G’Zhemnido, Great Kind Spirit in our approach to teaching future generations, respect for the great gift inherent in our beautiful kind land, kinade.

Quill to Quill is uniquely CANADIAN
Kinade, Ojibwe for Canada
Kinade- Canada: all my relations to/with/from/have HEART

Miigwech, Merci, Thanks to
Anishnaabe KWE of Georgian Bay
Where there’s a will, there’s a WAY
A wey a hey, a way a hey.